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The Wing Chun Kali System has a new school located in beautiful Aguadilla Puerto Rico. Offering convenient Schedules and Programs for you to pick from. Also we are offering programs for you if you are traveling from the different parts of the island.

We have basic and intermediate classes for both Wing Chun and Kali. So if you are a beginner or advanced we got a program that you could benefit from. Also our advanced students are hands on, helping the new students get the fundamentals of our Wing Chun Kali System. You will always have someone helping you learn so you could get the most out of every workout. We want the student to see the build up of every session. The classes are a progression of a continuous conversation. We are always raising the bar when it comes to having the student grow and see the many applications of how you could use this system for fighting.

Our Students in the Aguadilla Puerto Rico school are very dedicated and are learning an effective form of Martial Arts. We have students that have been learning fast and are seeing the benefits of learning a true system for fighting.

Wing Chun and Kali are taught separately, not mixing one with the other. We teach Authentic Wing Chun Kung Fu and Filipino Martial Arts. We are passing the Art in it's purest form, just how it was passed down to us. 

We begin teaching the fundamentals of Wing Chun and Kali and build our way up. We teach a System to give you the basic tools and understanding that you will need for your growth in the Wing Chun Kali system. Both of these systems are martial arts that are used for survival on the Streets. These are not sports for competition, instead the Martial Arts taught in our system are used and oriented for pure Street Survival.

Both brothers Danny and Charlie Diaz are dedicated Martial Artists that continue their journey of learning and taking the art to new levels by training and studying the Wing Chun Kali System. They are now teaching in the school and giving seminars here in Puerto Rico and the Houston, Texas. They have been brought up since their childhood training in the Wing Chun Kali system.

Charlie and Danny are experienced, passionate teachers and have been able to learn the art of teaching and passing down the Wing Chun Kali System to many students. They know that every individual has their own individual attributes and areas for improvement. As a result every student trains and is taught at their own level which actually speeds up the learning process.

It does not matter if you have ever had any experience in martial arts before, doesn't matter your physical condition, age, man or woman. In our classes every student is an individual and comes to the program with their own needs and we start every student from right where they are. We help lay a good foundation with strong fundamentals and then build upon that based on each students strengths and weaknesses.

We would love the opportunity to meet you! Please come by our school and visit us and take a Free Trial Class!

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Our Programs

Here are the programs that are offered at the Wing Chun Kali System - Aguadilla Puerto Rico School.

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Made famous by Ip Man and Bruce Lee, Wing Chun Kung Fu is an extremely popular form of martial arts known all over the world and is based on sound fundamentals of economy of motion, center line theory, and practical application. Wing Chun is very effective for self defense on the streets and can be practiced by anyone regardless of physical size and strength.

Filipino Kali Training Aguadilla Puerto Rico


Filipino Kali / Arnis is a weapons based form of martial arts but also includes empty hand techniques as well. Kali teaches not only how to use weapons but also how to defend oneself when weapons are used against you. This is a very popular martial arts system studied and implemented by both the military and law enforcement officers.


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