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Sifu Joseph Musse founded the Wing Chun Kali System in 1987. Sifu Musse is second generation to Grand Master Ip Man and studied directly with one of IP Man's Disciples - Sifu Duncan Leung.

A man of an open mind and humble attitude, Sifu/Guru Musse has trained many people, but officially certifies few with the rank and responsibility termed “Disciple” and “Instructor.” Sifu/Guru Ramon Diaz, Disciple and Instructor, joins this lineage under Sifu/Guru Musse, efficiently and expertly training beginner, intermediate, and advanced students.

Photo of Ramon Diaz and Charlie Diaz, with Sifu Guru Joe Musse founder of Wing Chun Kali System

Sifu Ramon Diaz:

My name is Ramon Diaz, a dedicated student of Gung Fu for over 40 years. Sifu Joseph Musse has been my father in the martial arts since I was 16 years old. Sifu Joe gave me permission to share the arts of Southern Mantis, Wing Chun Kung Fu, and Kali/Arnis. My teacher Sifu Joe practiced directly from Gung Fu masters such as Grandmaster Jim Fu Mark, Sifu Duncan Leung, and many others. I am fortunate to be Joe's formal disciple, brother, and friend.

Also intimate to my life is Sifu Dr. George (Jorge) Gonzalez, a Taoist monk and my teacher in Tai Chi Chuan Yang Style and Chi Gong for over 20 years. Sifu Dr. Gonzalez practiced in a Taoist temple in China for many years and is also licensed in the west as a medical doctor in orthopedics and in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Sifu has given me his blessing to teach and encouraged me to share the wealth of Tai Chi.

I am grateful to and love my teachers Joseph Musse and Dr. George Gonzalez. Gung Fu changed my life for the better and continues to be inspiring. I also love to share this knowledge with others. I have a big satisfaction witnessing the positive results in people's lives.

Gung Fu in essence is about self-knowledge, health, and making your mind your best friend... and that is true wealth.

Sifu Ramon Diaz

Sifu Ramon Diaz with student Wing Chun Kung Fu
Photo of Sifu Ramon Diaz - Wing Chun Kali System

Sifu Charlie Diaz

Sifu Charlie Diaz was born and raised in Puerto Rico where he began training in the Wing Chun kali System since a very young age. As a young boy he was introduced and taught by his father, who is a disciple of Sifu Joseph Musse; the founder of the Wing Chun Kali System.

Since a young age he felt a passion and impulse to train and develop his martial arts skill, and use it as a tool in life. He was surrounded and raised in a environment of a passionate martial artist who inspired him to keep training and bettering his Martial Arts each and every day.

At 18 years old Charlie Diaz knew himself as a martial artist, where he began to travel to New York to continue his training under the tutelage of Sifu Musse. As he began teaching he fell in love with the idea that through specialized knowledge he could positively impact their lives for the better. Teaching was a growing experience, that taught him how to internalize the principles and use those in his every day life.

Finishing a bachelor’s degree in Science, he continued pursuing his passion of the martial arts and travels to Texas to teach and do seminars. Currently he is teaching in Aguadilla Puerto Rico. In 2016 Sifu Charlie Diaz became a disciple of the founder of the Wing Chun Kali System Sifu Joseph Musse, where he continues his tutelage. He feels honored and blessed to be given such a rare opportunity to learn an authentic and effective form of martial arts. In all he continues to teach and promote the Wing Chun Kali System with the vision that this system continues to flourish.

Photo of Sifu Charlie Diaz Wing Chun Kali System
Wing Chun Kali System Charlie Diaz

Wing Chun Kali System

If you are looking to sharpen your skills, empower yourself, learn new techniques, or gain self-defense knowledge, then the Wing Chun Kali System is the ultimate tool for achieving these goals!

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