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Founded in 1987

The Wing Chun Kali System was founded in 1987 by Sifu Joseph Musse. This system is comprised of Wing Chun Kung Fu and Filipino Kali and the focus of both of these Martial Arts is pure Self Defense. The training method and teaching of this system is for the practitioner to be able to defend himself/herself effectively in case of an altercation in the streets.

The Wing Chun Kali System is broken down into two forms of Martial Arts. Each one of these has its own self-defense mentality and fighting applications. Both of these Martial Arts are extremely practical and effective for self-defense. Wing Chun Kung Fu focuses more on empty hand fighting and the Kali (Eskrima) focuses more on weapon based fighting applications.

The Wing Chun Kali System covers the different scenarios that can occur in a fight. Such as fighting more than one attacker, defending yourself against weapons, closing from the different ranges from long range to close range. This is why it is called a System, it covers all the different areas making the Wing Chun Kali System practitioner well rounded.

Wing Chun Kung Fu and Filipino Kali are taught individually, each system keeping its purity and its applications. However these Arts complement each other extremely well. Kali covers a deep science of understanding when it comes to bladed weapons and Wing Chun covers other bases such as structure, timing and concepts. Together these 2 martial arts bring a powerful and practical system of self-defense that is called the Wing Chun Kali System.


Wing Chun Kali System Organization

Sifu Joseph Musse founded Wing Chun Kali System in 1987. This System was the result of many years of studying these arts, investigating and applying effective and practical self-defense that works for the streets.

Wing Chun Lineage:

Sifu Joseph Musse studied directly under Sifu Duncan Leung in New York City. Sifu Duncan Leung is a Disciple of the late GrandMaster Ip Man. Gm Ip Man was Bruce Lee's teacher and Bruce Lee gives credit and acknowledgment to Wing Chun as being fundamental to his success in his martial arts career.

Kali (Eskrima):

The founder Sifu Joseph Musse studied several different systems of Filipino Kali . He has trained under world wide renowned Kali Practitioners. This form of weapons based Martial Art was put into the Wing Chun Kali System due to its effectiveness when it comes to fighting for the streets, weapons and/or one or more attackers. It's a Great Martial Arts System to learn.

Our Schools:

There are established Wing Chun Kali System Schools in Houston, Texas, New York, North Carolina, New Jersey, and Puerto Rico. We are a growing organization with the goal of teaching this complete system of Martial Arts.

Teaching is an art by itself and we have teachers with many years of experience that take the student through the system step by step to ensure that the student is able to understand the principals and techniques of this science of self defense and be able to perform the Art effectively. 

We offer a FREE Trial class so you can come find out what Wing Chun Kali System is all about. We welcome you to join us now!

Photo of Wing Chun Kali System Houston Texas Seminar
Photo of Wing Chun Kali System Houston Seminar

FREE Trial Class!

We offer a FREE Trial Class so that you can check our school out to see if it is a good fit for you and offers what you are looking for.

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Wing Chun Kung Fu

Filipino Kali

Each type of martial arts that is taught here in our school - Wing Chun Kung Fu and Filipino Kali - are taught separately, meaning that we do not mix them together. However there are certain similarities and principals that make Wing Chun and Kali the perfect compliment to each other.


One of the fastest growing Martial Arts on the planet, practiced by Grandmaster Ip Man, and Bruce Lee’s first martial arts system. Wing Chun is a combat martial arts system designed for effective self-defense fighting in any scenario.



Kali Filipino Martial Arts was designed to combat any weapon, such as knives, sticks, bladed weapons, & empty hand attacks. Kali is a weapons based system that shows you how to defend yourself in the street.



Tremendous health benefits and stress reduction can be derived from practicing Tai Chi. Known as moving meditation, Tai Chi uses slow rhythmic movements and breathing exercise to help practitioner acquire relaxation and inner peace.





Here are some of the comments that students have made about their experience at Wing Chun Kali System

I have been training at this school since January 2013. One of the best decisions I ever made was to be active and healthy, improving mind as well as body via the martial arts. Wing Chun & Kali have it all as far as fitness. Sifu Diaz will work with you and your personal health goals. As a Tai Chi practitioner as well, one of my favorite classes is the Dynamic Movement Principles class. I feel I am getting a great foundation with a great system!

Cypress, Texas

Sifu Diaz is the real deal. He puts everything he has into every session. My body is tired but my mind is buzzing with excitement when I leave class considering what I have learned about Wing Chun & Kali, but also realizing what I have just learned about dealing with "life" as well.

Cypress, Texas

If anyone is interested in Martial Arts I would strongly suggest you look into Wing Chun Kali!

My wife and I are taking classes from Sifu Ramon Diaz. He has a well rounded approach, and teaches both the internal and external aspects of the art. I am learning more about myself in his class then I ever thought possible. I've found a great sense of calm while practicing Wing Chun, and it's going to become an important part of my life.

Spring, Texas

I have been practicing Wing Chun/Kalu system since 2010. I am not only developing in the classroom but it has enriched my personal and professional life. The wise, encouraging word of Sifu Ray has inspired us to keep learning Wing Chun.

Cypress, Texas